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EPM Appraisals consist of three Certified appraisers, which possess the comprehensive training and qualifications to provide the level of dependable property value opinions that banks and major lending institutions need for mortgages and valuation needs. With years of experience that only comes with time, we're prepared to accept assignments pertaining to a variety of property types. EPM is now proud to service the Jackson, MS metro area and the Oxford, MS market.

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We take advantage of the latest appraiser gadgets and gear to save you time and money.  We also know that regardless of the industry, service is the main reason a client comes, goes, repeats or refers others.   We're always mindful of this, whether we're on the phone, e-mail correspondence or visiting in person.   Our goal is simply an unbeatable experience for our customers.   Call Evaluating Property in the MidSouth (EPM) today and ask about our services, fees and turn times.  We continue to set the bar and the standard in the appraisal industry with guaranteed max five business day turn times.  We promise you'll see the difference, too. 

Accurate, dependable appraisal services in DeSoto County.

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Mortgage Rates:
Mortgage Rates Moving Back Up From 6 Week Lows
3/27/2023 3:18 PM
Mortgage rates hit their lowest levels in just over 6 weeks on Friday as investors braced for bad news in the banking sector.  Such fears tend pull money out of the stock market and into bonds.  Excess bond demand means lower rates, all other things being equal. After a weekend without any new bank drama, investors were able to move back...Read More
Bonds Buyers Back Off as Banks Bounce
3/27/2023 2:53 PM
Bonds Buyers Back Off as Banks Bounce Bank health continues to dominate the news cycle with investors buying bonds when things look shaky and selling when days go by without new drama.  In addition to the ticking clock, reassuring headlines can also take a toll on bonds.  That happened o...Read More
Lead Source, Sales, Home Equity, Lien Release Products; FHA, VA, USDA, HUD News; Sterling and the DOJ
3/27/2023 9:36 AM
“Once you lick the frosting off of a cupcake, it becomes a muffin. And muffins are healthy. You’re welcome.” Adding another expense to a transaction is certainly not welcome, yet that’s exactly what was voted into effect by residents of Los Angeles County in November. When you sell a house, paying a 5-6 percent commission to the real estate agent i...Read More
Starting Out Weaker on SVB Acquisition and Absence of New Bank Failures
3/27/2023 8:26 AM
Bond yields began rising at 2am this morning when news broke regarding the acquisition of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).  First Citizens bank will acquire nearly $130bn in deposits and loans.  In addition, there was no new drama in the European banking sector overnight.  Stocks and bonds are doing what they do when the bank contagion out...Read More
Bonds Manage to Hold Gains Despite Risk Recovery
3/24/2023 3:40 PM
Bonds Manage to Hold Gains Despite Risk Recovery Everything has been driven by the "risk-on, risk-off" movements relating to the banking sector over the past 2 weeks.  The only brief exception was on Fed day, but markets still managed to fall into a flight-to-safety pattern by the end of that day. ...Read More
Back to "Zero Days" Without a Systemic Banking Contagion Flare-Up
3/24/2023 9:07 AM
The old sign on the trading floor that proudly boasted we had gone 2 days without a systemic banking flare-up (as of yesterday) has been reset to "0," sort of...  While there"s not as much of an issue as something like Silicon Valley"s failure, the surge in Deutsche Bank CDS got the market"s attention overnight.  We"re starting the day at...Read More
MSR Financing, Marketing, Appraisal, DPA Products; Fannie, Freddie Changes; EU Central Bank News
3/24/2023 8:49 AM
“I got stuck in a conversation with some wealthy people and one woman asked me how my investments were doing. I replied that both avocadoes should be ripe by tomorrow.” Food prices are an everyday reminder of inflation on the spending side of the equation, but on the flip side, plenty of people don’t know where to put their savings these days. One ...Read More
Mortgage Rates Inch Down to Lowest Levels Since Early February
3/23/2023 3:21 PM
Over the course of the past two days, the average conforming 30yr fixed rate has moved down to the lowest levels since early February for most lenders.  In nuts and bolts terms, that"s a drop of more than half a percent. Yesterday accounted for a much larger portion of the improvement as lenders continued updating their offerings in response ...Read More
Bonds Improve on Late Day Risk Aversion; Thoughts on Liquidity
3/23/2023 2:56 PM
Bonds Improve on Late Day Risk Aversion; Thoughts on Liquidity Bonds began the day in slightly weaker territory, but eventually turned green with help from a flight-to-safety in Europe.  A few hours later, US markets did the same thing, resulting in even better gains for Treasuries.  10s dropped u...Read More
Now It"s a Waiting Game
3/23/2023 11:11 AM
The Fed cleared a lot up for the market yesterday by confirming that inflation still matters, but that systemic banking problems also matter.  Powell pointed to the latter being like a free rate hike--i.e. something that helps deliver a tightening effect to the economy without the Fed actually having to hike rates. Markets took it as a potenti...Read More