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EPM Appraisals consist of three Certified appraisers, which possess the comprehensive training and qualifications to provide the level of dependable property value opinions that banks and major lending institutions need for mortgages and valuation needs. With years of experience that only comes with time, we're prepared to accept assignments pertaining to a variety of property types. EPM is now proud to service the Jackson, MS metro area and the Oxford, MS market.

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We take advantage of the latest appraiser gadgets and gear to save you time and money.  We also know that regardless of the industry, service is the main reason a client comes, goes, repeats or refers others.   We're always mindful of this, whether we're on the phone, e-mail correspondence or visiting in person.   Our goal is simply an unbeatable experience for our customers.   Call Evaluating Property in the MidSouth (EPM) today and ask about our services, fees and turn times.  We continue to set the bar and the standard in the appraisal industry with guaranteed max five business day turn times.  We promise you'll see the difference, too. 

Accurate, dependable appraisal services in DeSoto County.

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Mortgage Rates:
The 11-Day Weekend is Now Official
5/24/2024 1:57 PM
The 11-Day Weekend is Now Official If there was one objective hurdle to clear in order to consider the present week completely uneventful in terms of big picture rate momentum, it would have been that the 10yr Treasury yield hold inside the 4.34 - 4.50 range.  Thanks to today"s friendly revision i...Read More
Mortgage Rates Are Actually Higher This Week
5/24/2024 1:43 PM
It was largely a dull week for financial markets in terms of scheduled data and volatility, but numerous Fed speeches helped reiterate what the market thought it already knew.  Specifically, whereas there was widespread belief in several rate cuts in 2024, the market now only expects 1.  The following chart shows the market"s expect...Read More
Broker Products; Legal Thoughts on Dual Licensing; Agency and Investor News; Interview With Tour de France Rider
5/24/2024 10:57 AM
"Abandon all hope ye who enter here." (Dante’s words, not Disney’s.) That could be the slogan of Times Square, but for those who just spent days at the Secondary conference in Times Square, trying to avoid everything in Times Square, you can look forward to the same event at the same place in the same hotel next year, May 18-21, 2025. Manhattan has...Read More
A Great Case For Durable Goods Irrelevance
5/24/2024 7:57 AM
If there were any remaining doubts regarding the relevance of Durable Goods as a big ticket market mover, they are put to rest by the absence of a discernible reaction despite a very big beat. In other words, +0.7 vs -0.8 is significant, but the market movement has been nil. Granted, the negative revision to last month was even bigger, but markets ...Read More
Sleepy Bonds Rudely Roused by Surprisingly Strong Econ Data
5/23/2024 3:17 PM
Surprisingly Strong Surge in Services PMI Tests The Range Perhaps fate was tempted by our persistent focus on this week"s absence of big ticket market movers.  Or perhaps this is simply the biggest possible reaction to one of the week"s only potential market movers coming in MUCH higher than expected.&...Read More
Mortgage Rates Jump to 2-Week Highs After Hotter Economic Data
5/23/2024 2:45 PM
For the most part, the current week is sorely lacking in the sort of scheduled economic data and events that typically contribute to exciting movement in the interest rate world.  This morning"s report on the services sector offered one of the only potential exceptions.  For those looking for at least a little excitement, the data did not...Read More
Hedging, TPO, ROV, Fee Collection Tools; STRATMOR on Bank Strengths; Training and Webinars
5/23/2024 10:45 AM
Some people say, “You’re crazy to stay in residential lending in this environment, and it’s not going to improve dramatically in the near future.” No, this is crazy. Owners of vendors and lenders who are barely eking by, or losing money quarter after quarter, aside, there is plenty of sanity remaining. Given what I heard in Manhattan, we can expect...Read More
Super Sideways Overnight and Little-Changed After Jobless Claims
5/23/2024 8:02 AM
It"s day 6 of the increasingly famous 11-day weekend (1 normal weekend plus the 3 day Memorial Day weekend and the 5 days in between without any big ticket market movers on the calendar).  There was no way to know for sure that this week would be as flat and uninspired as it has been, but here on Thursday morning, we have yet to...Read More
No Major Reaction to Fed Minutes
5/22/2024 3:58 PM
No Major Reaction to Fed Minutes Today"s only event that has any precedent of inspiring rate volatility was the release of the minutes from the Fed meeting that took place 3 weeks ago.  The fact that 10yr Treasury yields held roughly inside a 1bp trading range after the release tells us everything we n...Read More
Mortgage Rates Feeling Uninspired as The Market Waits For Bigger News
5/22/2024 3:28 PM
It was another slow day for the mortgage market and one that joins a list of several other relatively inconsequential days in the past few weeks.  This is a byproduct of the bond market (bonds dictate rate movement) being tuned in to only a few key economic reports and events.  When these reports actually come out, rates move a lot. ...Read More