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EPM Appraisals consist of three Certified appraisers, which possess the comprehensive training and qualifications to provide the level of dependable property value opinions that banks and major lending institutions need for mortgages and valuation needs. With years of experience that only comes with time, we're prepared to accept assignments pertaining to a variety of property types. EPM is now proud to service the Jackson, MS metro area and the Oxford, MS market.

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We take advantage of the latest appraiser gadgets and gear to save you time and money.  We also know that regardless of the industry, service is the main reason a client comes, goes, repeats or refers others.   We're always mindful of this, whether we're on the phone, e-mail correspondence or visiting in person.   Our goal is simply an unbeatable experience for our customers.   Call Evaluating Property in the MidSouth (EPM) today and ask about our services, fees and turn times.  We continue to set the bar and the standard in the appraisal industry with guaranteed max five business day turn times.  We promise you'll see the difference, too. 

Accurate, dependable appraisal services in DeSoto County.

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Mortgage Rates:
Mortgage Rates Highest in More Than a Week
6/7/2023 3:03 PM
Mortgage rates continue to operate in a fairly narrow range but we"ve been mostly moving in one direction inside that range so far this month.  Late last week, it was the strong job creation announced on Friday that pushed rates higher.  This week has been less volatile by comparison, but rates remained under pressure to move higher today...Read More
BOC Warns US Rate Market Against Complacency
6/7/2023 2:48 PM
BOC Warns US Rate Market Against Complacency US rate traders are pretty sure they have the Fed figured out after two separate Fed speakers used the word "skip" in speeches last week.  There"s a low chance of a rate hike next week, and a high chance that rates remain high through 2023.  Today"s BOC...Read More
Foreign Central Banks Planting Seeds of Doubt
6/7/2023 12:15 PM
Yesterday, it was the Royal Bank of Australia (RBA) with it"s first rate hike after "skipping" a few meetings.  Today it was the Bank of Canada (BOC).  Both were somewhat surprising to financial markets and both illustrate the potential for a similar playbook from the Fed.  Bonds have been selling off aggressively after the BOC annou...Read More
Referral and Marketing Tools; TPO Products; U/W, Doc Custodian Review; DSCR and 2nd Program News
6/7/2023 9:50 AM
Mortgage news temporarily aside, how about the government contemplating a law that would require cars to have AM radio?! AM radio goes farther than FM or cellular streaming services which is why, in out-of-the-way places, like in mountains, you can tune in to an AM station for traffic reports. If you think radio, or the mortgage process, is confusi...Read More
Mortgage Applications Fall for the Fourth Straight Week
6/7/2023 9:07 AM
The four-day business week accompanying the Memorial Day Holiday contributed to a further slowdown in mortgage applications. The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) said its Market Composite Index, a measure of application volume, decreased 1.4 percent on a seasonally adjusted basis and dropped 12 percent on an unadjusted basis. The Refinance Inde...Read More
Rates Remain Fairly Flat Compared to Last Week
6/6/2023 2:42 PM
By Friday, there"s a distinct possibility that you"ll be tired of hearing different versions of the same story.  The plot: last Friday"s jobs report prevented rates from falling back into the mid-6% range, but wasn"t enough to propel rates well into the 7% range. Without much by way of highly consequential data on the calendar, it makes sense ...Read More
Nothing to See Here
6/6/2023 2:34 PM
Nothing to See Here It would be hard to make a case for any other day in the past month being more boring than today.  Indeed it was the first true "inside day" (today"s range contained inside the previous day"s range) since late April.  To make matters more sideways, MBS and Treasuries were both ...Read More
Webinars and Training; Servicing, CRM, Processing Automation Products; The Fed Next Week
6/6/2023 9:45 AM
Well, what should we start with today? How about how California and Texas ranked highest on the United States Postal Service’s annual list of states with the most dog bites against its employees? Or how ‘bout Freedom Mortgage Corporation filing a notice of data breach after learning that confidential consumer data entrusted to the company was subje...Read More
Limited Calendar Promotes Volatility in a Range
6/6/2023 9:37 AM
With the week"s only top tier economic release hitting on Monday morning, the path of least resistance for the rest of the week is a choppy, sideways range with the expectation of a breakout surrounding CPI/Fed next Tue/Wed.  In not so many words, if it"s happening between the white lines, it"s not that interesting: As for today, bonds s...Read More
Mortgage Rates Roughly Unchanged Over The Weekend
6/5/2023 3:56 PM
Mortgage rates held fairly steady over the weekend.  That wasn"t necessarily destined to be the case as the underlying bond market suggested another mover higher earlier this morning.  But bonds rallied after an important economic report on the services sector suggested slower growth (bonds tend to improve in response to weaker cues on th...Read More